Real Estate Property Taxes In Brentwood, TN

Real Estate Property Taxes In Brentwood, TN

Real estate property taxes in Brentwood, TN is among the lowest across the country compared to tax rates in other states across the U.S. The average effective property tax rate in the state of Tennessee is 0.74 which ranks lower than the national average of 1.08%.

The median property tax paid by homeowners in the state of Tennessee is $1,120 which is about half of the U.S. average. Only nine states across the country collects lower median property tax rate than the state of Tennessee.

How Tennessee Property Taxes Work

In the state of Tennessee, county officials are in charge of overseeing property taxes and this starts with the county assessor. The county assessor in each of the counties in the state is in charge of allotting a value to each property – on which taxes are eventually determined.

The county assessor determines the value of each property through a consistent reappraisal. County assessors reappraise properties in every four to six-year period in Tennessee.

The essence of the reappraisal is to figure out the property’s current market value. Each property tax is based on the most current reappraisal value until the next reappraisal in four, five, or six years.

How Tennessee Property Taxes Work

Sometimes, some homeowners disagree with the outcome of the reappraisal. When this happens homeowners who assume their property was over-appraised are required to first contact their assessor for an informal way to resolve the issue.

Nonetheless, if that discussion failed to yield any tangible outcome, such a homeowner is advised to file an official appeal with the County Board of Equalization.

Real estate property taxes in Tennessee are not applied to the overall market value of a property. Instead, property taxes are assigned to the assessed value of a property after assessment.

For properties that are residential, the assessed value is equivalent to 25% of market value. As such, if the county assessor appraises your property and values it at $250,000, your assessed value will be $62,500. The county assessor will assign your tax rate to this amount.  

Brentwood’s Sales Tax Rate

The precise property tax levied in Tennessee is determined by the county where the property is located in the state. Brentwood is one of the cities in Williamson County which is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States.

You can learn about the cost of living in Brentwood, TN if you’re considering moving to this beautiful city. Williamson County collects the highest property tax in Tennessee and it levies an average of 0.57% of a property’s value.

Brentwood Property Tax Rates

The median home value in Williamson County is $388,400, while the median annual property tax payment is $2,228. However, Brentwood’s median home value is $694, 580 according to Zillow.

The city’s home values have increased by 2.4% over the past year and experts predict they will increase by 2.1% within the subsequent year. Brentwood’s median list price per square foot is $293.

Brentwood’s median cost of homes presently listed is $839,900 while the median cost of homes that are sold is $708,500.  See the various Brentwood TN subdivision and available homes for sale.

Brentwood’s Sales Tax Rate

You may consider selling your real estate property now or in the near future, so you should be aware of the sales tax rate in Brentwood, Tennessee. Williamson County’s sales tax rate is 2.75%, while the least combined 2020 sales tax rate for Brentwood, Tennessee is 9.75. This is the overall state, county, and city sales tax rates. The state of Tennessee’s sales tax rate is 7%. Brentwood’s sales tax rate is 0%.

Brentwood’s Sales Tax Rate

How To Appeal Property Tax Assessment In Brentwood, TN

In the event that you disagree with the county tax assessor about the valuation of your property, you can contact the assessor’s office to review your valuation. You may settle the disparity at this level without filing an appeal.

Nonetheless, you can preserve your appeal rights by scheduling an appointment with the County Board of Equalization as required. Only the taxpayer whose address and name appear on the assessment roll, or the property owner or their authorized agent may file an appeal.  

The County Board of Equalization is made up of five members who reside in various areas of the county. Each of these members is selected by the County Commission and they serve a two-year term.

The County Board of Equalization typically meets every year in the month of June. However, if you’re dissatisfied with your appeal at the County Board level, you can appeal at the Tennessee State Board of Equalization.

Brentwood, TN Accepted Tax Payment Options

Williamson County Trustee’s office is in charge of the billing and collection of all Brentwood city property taxes and overseeing state and local tax relief programs.

During early October of every year, a joint tax notice indicating both City and County property taxes is mailed to homeowners and other property owners as recorded by deed on January 1 of that taxing year.

Brentwood, TN Property Tax Payment Deadline

If you’re yet to get a notice by the end of October, you’re required to inform the Williamson County Trustee Office. Property taxes for the current calendar year are due and payable excluding penalty or interest from October 1 of the current year through February 28 of the next year. After February 28th, interest and penalty will be included in delinquent taxes at a rate of 1.5% per month.

Brentwood, TN Accepted Tax Payment Options

The Williamson County Trustee is responsible for collecting property taxes for Williams County, Brentwood, the Franklin Special School District, Franklin, Thompson’s Station and Nolensville. The following are the accepted property tax payment options in Williamson County:

Brentwood, TN Accepted Tax Payment Options

Williamson County Trustee

P. O. Box 648

Franklin, TN 37065-0648


(by Check, Credit Card, or Debit Card):

Williamson County Trustee’s Office (County Administrative Complex – 2nd Floor)

1320 West Main St., Suite 203

Franklin, TN 37064


You can pay your property tax online on this website:

When you choose the online payment option, debit and credit card payments bound by a processing fee of 2.50% +.30 per transaction. Also, E-Check payments are bound by a processing fee of $1.50 per transaction.

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