Buying a Brentwood, TN Home on a Budget

Buying a Brentwood, TN Home on a Budget

Brentwood, Tennessee, Williamson County, is one of the most desirable places to live and call home, but how does buying a Brentwood, TN home on a budget work? Brentwood is a luxury community, highly sought after because of its affluence, lower property taxes, and outstanding schools. Many people would love to live here but cannot because of the expensive real estate. Brentwood’s median price in 2018 is $725,000 or $183 per square foot.
For those home buyers who want to move to Brentwood but believe they can’t financially afford it, I think you will find this information helpful. First, not all Brentwood homes are upscale, luxury estates. Second, the older neighborhoods have homes that are in distress and need updating. Lastly, some homes will be forced into a sale because the owners are divorced, in ill health, or have passed on. Brentwood affordable housing is possible.

2018 Home Sales in Brentwood, TN

In 2018, nine Brentwood homes sold for under $400,000. The least expensive home was a 1950s Ranch-style fixer-upper at $177,000 with 1080 square feet. At the time of writing this article in mid-September 2018, five homes are for sale in Brentwood with price ranges of $274,900 to $398,900, have 1,436 to 2,055 square feet, and date from 1976 to 1993.
First, let us look at the lesser expensive neighborhoods. Unless a person is familiar with Brentwood, they may not be aware of some of these hidden neighborhoods. There are about seven or eight neighborhoods within Brentwood’s city limits on the Williamson County side that offer introductory pricing under $400,000 for first-time home buyers, families with children, those transitioning to their second or third home, and empty nesters. Some of these neighborhoods include Brentwood Pointe, Mooreland Estates homes and condos, Concord Forest, Grassland Estates, Stonehenge, and Owl Landing with home prices at or below $400,000. Currently, the least expensive home sold in Brentwood through early September 2018 was $280,000.

Brentwood Pointe

Starting with the Brentwood condos and townhomes, Brentwood Pointe has the least expensive homes in all of Brentwood. Located on General George Patton Drive behind Cool Springs Mall in south Brentwood, the neighborhood was built from 1983 to 2014 with 420 townhomes on the Brentwood side. Another 175 condos are located across the city limits in Franklin. Prices currently range from $180,000 to $350,000 and have 1,080 to 2,242 square feet with 2 to 4 bedrooms. Many of the units have one- and two-car carports. These are good entry points for first-time Brentwood home buyers and families with children. Empty nesters love this area too since there is no lawn care to worry over and is so convenient to not only Cool Springs Mall but also downtown Nashville and Franklin. Brentwood Pointe is probably the best community for buying a Brentwood, TN home on a budget. First-time home buyers or buyers on a tight budget should consider Brentwood Pointe because it has a higher turnover of homes sold and a lower price point. This is also a place investors love because of the cash flow opportunities offered in renting. However, the Brentwood Pointe Homeowners Association is halting rentals.

Mooreland Estates

Mooreland Estates has both condos/townhomes and detached homes. Located off Moore’s Lane near Cool Springs Mall in southern Brentwood, the condos and townhomes offer great convenience for its residents. However, lower-priced houses do not come on the market very often. Only one house sold in 2018 for $303,000. The condos, on the other hand, have more turnover with 13 townhomes closing by September 2018. The prices range from $265,000 to $352,000 with 1,328 to 2,662 square feet. Built between 1976 and 1999, most of the condos have two stories, but there are several one-story units perfect for empty nesters.

Concord Forest

Moving on to houses, Concord Forest was built in the mid-1970s in the Ranch style with one- and two-story homes. Through September 2018, four homes have sold, and one is currently active in Concord Forest while two of those had been renovated. The prices range from $280,000 to $399,000 and have 1,500 to 3,300 square feet. The lawns in this neighborhood are very nice with tree covered, one acre and larger lots. Concord Forest is a well-established neighborhood in the eastern part of Brentwood off Concord Road.

Grassland Estates

Grassland Estates may provide a Brentwood home buyer an opportunity. This 1960s subdivision is large consisting of 144 homes, but almost all are in Franklin. Only 23 homes are in the city limits of Brentwood. In 2018, only one home sold for $355,000. The styles of these homes are Ranch or Colonial Revival and have larger lawns starting at about one acre.

Owl Landing

Another neighborhood with homes that might be candidates for first-time homebuyers is Owl Landing. More expensive than the previous neighborhoods we have examined, Owl Landing is a tiny collection of 15 homes located off Concord Pass in east Brentwood. Only one home has sold so far in 2018, and it closed at $403,000 with 2,350 square feet and a median $171 per square foot, it is at the top of this article’s budget. Owl Landing is a newer neighborhood dating from 2004 to 2006 and built by Pulte Homes.


Stonehenge is the last neighborhood with a mid-1970s home that sold for $396,000 in 2018 and has 3,000 square feet. Most of the Stonehenge homes are built between 1973 to 1988. This neighborhood is located off Franklin Road below Concord Road.

Brentwood, TN Homes in Need of Repair

Another approach to buying a Brentwood, TN home on a Budget is purchasing a home that has the potential for appreciation by updating and remodeling. Searching for older homes in need of repair, updating, or remodeling is an excellent way to call Brentwood home while building one’s net worth. The neighborhoods outlined above occasionally have homes for sale that are prime candidates for renovating.

Brentwood Incorporated in 1969

Because of Brentwood’s young age, incorporated in 1969, the older neighborhoods are approaching 50, 60, and even 70 years of age. Some of these homes still have the original owners or second owners and guess what? They are ready to downsize, need assisted living, or pass on. Many of these homes are not updated, and still bear evidence of green or gold bathrooms, shag carpets, wood-paneled walls, flocked wallpaper, Mediterranean décor or the fabulous orange decor from the 1970s.

Updating Older Brentwood, TN Homes

These dated homes have so much potential for new owners to create their vision with current trends. Ranch style homes are known for their compartment living, every room separated from the other rooms. Creating an open concept plan for these plans might entail removing the living room wall between the kitchen and dining room. Some people expand the eight-foot ceiling height with vaulted ceilings in the living room area giving the space and home more volume and scale. Sometimes new owners design a master bedroom suite by removing one bedroom to expand the closet or master bath. These design changes can breathe new life into a Brentwood, TN home.

Redo Those Old Kitchens and Bathrooms

Moving to the kitchen, old cabinets are often painted or replaced, and granite or quartz countertops installed along with new appliances. The bathrooms usually undergo updating by removing the old green, gray and pink, or gold tile with new trendy tiles on the market. Old vanities are replaced with new and might have granite or quartz countertops. The bath/shower is retiled as well, and a frameless glass door added. Painting the walls with the newest color palates is the simplest part of the whole process.

Your Plan

The key to successfully updating a Brentwood, TN home starts with a plan. Many people do only light cosmetic changes to get into the home. Some new homeowners want to live in the house for a few months as they develop a sense of what they want to do with the property. Others may conquer one room at a time. You go at the pace you are comfortable with, and your finances allow. You choose the timeframe.
Starting with Brentwood Pointe, sometimes the townhomes and condos need sprucing up with new floors such as laminate, wood, or tile. The bathrooms usually need some updating as well. Some kitchens might need just cosmetics while others are better served with a more enthusiastic project of installing new cabinets and appliances.


Brenthaven, Brentwood, TN Home Sign

Brenthaven is a great neighborhood to keep an eye on as well. It was started in 1965 and construction continued through the 1970s. Brenthaven is one of the oldest and the largest neighborhoods in Brentwood, with over 800 homes. The age of these homes is prime for remodeling. Finding an old or distressed home here is a good possibility. Looking at the sales in 2017, 51 homes sold with starting prices of $320,000. In 2018, the story has been different, starting prices have soared to $565,000 with only seven homes sold. Be patient, and you will find a good starter Brentwood, TN home here.

Chestnut Springs

Chestnut Springs, Brentwood, TN Home SignA place to keep watch on for a Brentwood, TN home is Chestnut Springs. Even though these homes didn’t start until 2002, the current prices begin around $420,000. The sales price to list price ratio is quite good, 96.39%, meaning the sellers were willing to negotiate their closing price down on average of $16,000. The homes have 12 to 16 years of age and finding a home in need of upgrading is a good possibility.

Brentwood Neighborhoods

Concord Forest began in 1974, and the last home finished in 2009. These homes are perfect candidates for remodeling and upgrading. Current prices start at $280,000 and top at $585,000 giving the buyer potential long-term appreciation. Also, the homes have a 97% sales price to list price; the sellers made concessions here. Grassland Estates (mid-1960s) and Stonehenge (mid-1970s) both offer acceptable starting points on pricing, and the homes are probably good candidates for updating. Owl Landing is the newest neighborhood in the group with homes built in 2004-2006. Only 12-14 years old, they are dated and if they have not been well kept, negotiate the price down. Homes selling well in Brentwood are in near pristine condition, correctly priced, and show greatly. If not, there is room to work a better price.

Your Brentwood, TN Home Buying Strategy

Buying a Brentwood, TN home on a budget can be affordable for new home buyers with budgets of $250,000 and up. Several strategies and ideas have been presented here. The next step is to find a Realtor® with knowledge of the Brentwood market and who understands the process of updating and renovating homes.
Having a good mortgage lender is a must as well. There are several ways to finance a home in need of repairs such as the Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation loan or the FHA 203K loan. For qualifying first time home buyers, additional assistance might include the THDA grant up to $15,000 combined with an FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment. Veterans can qualify for 100% loans. These plans and others can make home buying possible in Brentwood.
The last team member for your home search is a good Home Inspector. You need a home inspector! A good home inspector is not a deal killer, but rather, they find any issues with the home, discuss those with you along with ongoing maintenance suggestions so you can make a sound decision. Buying a Brentwood, TN home on a budget is possible with a plan, research, and some patience. Are you ready to make Brentwood, TN your home? Contact me today to get started!


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