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The All-Time Fave – Chippery Fanwood NJ

Reviving the Chippery’s legacy as a family-friendly fish & chips restaurant from the 1970s, the Chippery Fanwood NJ reopened in 2012 and is now serving everyone’s old-time favorites, which are sure to become people’s new favorites as well! Located at 383 South Ave in Fanwood, the restaurant is a joint venture between Chef Brian Walter, his parents, and his family friend Deanna Poll. For a multi-business owner and seasoned chef, it was not easy for Chef Walter to attain the vision to recreate the same fry batter and chips from that decade. He is keenly aware of the pressure he is under to make the fish, the batter, and the chips taste the same way they did when he was a child. Yet, today the brand-new building and the Original Batter Recipe deliver you the best seafood in the neighborhood. The restaurant allows you to taste the classic fish and chips Westfield NJ has for decades, which you can enjoy in their brand-new outdoor maritime dining area known as Captain Chip’s Dock, which will take you to the shore.

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The Journey of Chippery Fanwood Restaurant

From recreating the classic specialties of restaurants he grew up with to renovating the building, it is no walk in the park for Chef Walter. Chef Brian Walter had the vision to bring back the same fry batter, the same round of “chips,” and the original Chippery’s tartar sauce from that period. It required a lot of work to get the flavor identical, and he even employed some actual employees. He also had to find out the original maker, Bab’s, who has since discontinued producing tartar, and persuade them to make it for him. Moreover, considering the establishment was grandfathered into a zoned residential area, Chef Walter was required to stay in the existing building’s footprint. Also, before constructing the new building, two gasoline tanks from the time the site was a truck stop, built around the 1920s, had to be removed, which delayed the opening. And today, everybody who comes to the Chippery Fanwood will not only enjoy the delectable cuisine but will also love the nautical-themed building that arrived in two sections.

Menu and Services

For those who like seafood, the description of the dishes served at the Chippery Fanwood NJ will make your mouth water with anticipation. The quality fillet – Atlantic white cod arrives fresh daily, not frozen, and you can tell the difference in flavor because it completely melts in your mouth. There are chips, coleslaw, and tartar sauce with each piece of fish. The fish is cooked in front of you after being hand-dipped in their signature batter. The batter, which Chef Walter acquired the rights to, is formularized, making it consistent every time. It’s a flour-cornmeal mix and has a beautiful golden brown color, which according to Chef Walter, the cod pairs incredibly nicely with the sweetness of the corn. Cranford’s own Breadsmith makes the delicious bread buns at the Chippery. Besides the traditional fish-and-chips, the Chippery also serves scallops, soft-shell crabs, lobster rolls, shrimp, clams, fish tacos, sandwiches, house-made clam chowder, and a daily grilled special like Mahi Mahi. The Chippery also provides a kid-friendly menu with non-fish options. Seafood-themed event? The Chippery Fanwood also caters to all events, providing casual to gourmet cuisine for you and your guests.

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