Crystal Cove Neighborhood

Crystal Cove Neighborhood in California, US

Crystal Cove Neighborhood is a private community located on the Northern part of Laguna Beach in Newport Coast. Affluent and remote neighborhoods make up the Crystal Cove area. Despite being a part of the strand Newport Beach, Crystal Cove offers a unique atmosphere. It is distinguished by its breathtaking natural beauty and graceful Mediterranean architecture. Beach homes have a fantastic view of the beach and are nearby Crystal Cove State Park, one of Crytal Cove’s main attractions. The park is broad, has nearly 4,000 acres, and offers hiking and mountain bike routes, deep valleys, and impressive bluffs. Additionally, lovely beaches and rocky tide pools along more than three miles of immaculate beachfront. Surfing, scuba diving, swimming, and lounging on the sand are all available to locals and visitors. There are many places to eat, from elegant establishments providing California cuisine to tiny bars serving Mexican food. Be a part of the Crystal Cove neighborhood by buying a property within the area and enjoy everything the community has to offer you.

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Amenities in the Neighborhood

Crystal Cove is a master-planned community where residents may take advantage of the expansive coastal vistas that offer some of the most serene and magnificent ocean views. Residential houses have unique features and architectural craftsmanship, with the main component of a warm and cozy home. Thanks to the vast beach, most homes in Crystal Cove have views of the magnificent shore, which lends the people a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere. Anyone looking for a seaside town with top-notch amenities and a diverse real estate market portfolio will find Crystal Cove the perfect choice. Every Crystal Cove neighborhood provides secured entrances, clubhouses, and a Crystal Cove community association. The areas are gated, with guarded entrance points and hi-tech security systems to ensure that only registered visitors and residents are allowed entry. There is a wide variety of recreational amenities, such as hiking trails, beaches, parks, and picnic areas. Schools from elementary to high school, both public and private, are also available. A few of them are El Morro Elementary, Thurston Middle School, Anneliese Schools, and Montessori School of Laguna Beach.

Crystal Cove Real Estate Information

Crystal Cove home prices range from $4 million to $69 million. Most properties are luxurious, ranging from 3-8 bedrooms. Depending on the size and location of the land, some homes come with anything from 2-13 bathrooms. Large empty lots frequently measure between 0.46 and 0.70 acres in size. Average ones for residential properties are between 0.10 to 0.90 acres. If you are only looking for a budget-friendly home, you can choose from single-family homes and condominium structures. The most prevalent architectural styles are modern, Mediterranean, Spanish-Colonial, and custom-built.

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