Elegance and Leisure: Homes for Sale in Redfield, Dunwoody, GA

Homes for Sale in Redfield, Dunwoody’s Swim & Tennis Hub

Redfield is an esteemed swim and tennis community in Dunwoody, GA. It provides a lifestyle that blends relaxation with active living, making it a sought-after locale for families, professionals, and retirees. If you are searching for a dwelling that offers both sophistication and the opportunity to engage in an active, social lifestyle, the homes for sale in Redfield, Dunwoody’s swim and tennis hub, present the perfect opportunity. This article will give an overview of its beautiful residences, premier amenities, and fulfilling way of life.

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The Homes in Redfield, Dunwoody, GA

Redfield, Dunwoody, GA, homes for sale blend traditional aesthetics with modern convenience. Built predominantly in the 1970s, the houses in this community exude timeless elegance, featuring designs that range from classic Traditional to the distinctive English Tudor.

Property sales were between $700,000 and $1.5 million. This price point reflects not only the quality of construction but also the thoughtful design that characterizes each home.

Residents enjoy abundant space, with floor plans stretching from 2,700 to an impressive 5,600 square feet, catering to various lifestyles and family sizes. Another appealing aspect is the generous lot sizes, which range from 0.40 to 1.00 acres. This provides a refreshing outdoor space ideal for leisure and entertainment.

Premier Amenities

Redfield’s reputation as Dunwoody’s swim and tennis hub is well-earned, with amenities that cater to an active and social lifestyle. The expansive pool area is at the heart of the community, offering a haven for relaxation and recreation. The pool deck spans a generous area, providing ample space for sunbathing and socializing.

Families with young children will appreciate the zero-entry baby pool, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for little ones to splash and play. The large general swimming area with lap lanes and a diving board is perfect for swimmers of all skill levels to enjoy a refreshing dip.

A spacious pavilion offers shaded respite from the sun, while nearby grills and picnic tables invite residents to gather for al fresco dining and community cookouts. The playground provides hours of entertainment for the little ones, allowing them to burn off energy and make lasting memories with friends.

Redfield also takes pride in its vibrant swim and dive team, which boasts a robust membership of over 100 kids. It is renowned for its camaraderie and competitive spirit, fostering community among participants. It welcomes non-members, allowing all children in the area to experience the joys of team sports and aquatic competitions.

The neighborhood also boasts six tennis hard courts. One features a backboard for solo practice sessions, while another is equipped with pickleball lines, catering to the sport’s growing popularity. For those seeking to improve their game, a ball machine allows players to fine-tune their technique.

Redfield’s tennis scene is further elevated by its active participation in ALTA leagues, with 10 teams competing at various levels. It fosters friendly competition and camaraderie among players with a focus on inclusivity and community spirit.

Life in Redfield, Dunwoody, GA Homes

Central to the way of life in Redfield is its social programming, which provides ample opportunities to connect and celebrate. People come together yearly to enjoy festive gatherings and special events, from summer holiday pool parties to Halloween costume contests, pizza parties, Easter egg hunts, and fall festivals.

Adult happy hours and tennis round-robins enhance social connections, offering residents opportunities to unwind, socialize, and engage in friendly competition.

Redfield is also home to the Redfield Home & Garden Club, a charitable organization that serves the community’s needs and supports worthy causes. It actively engages in voluntary initiatives such as toy drives for the Dunwoody Police Department and annual donations to Austin Elementary and the Dunwoody Nature Center.

The Garden Club also takes pride in maintaining the neighborhood’s entrance and grounds, ensuring they are cohesive with the beauty that Redfield homes possess. Their supplementary Swim & Tennis Club support further contributes to the community’s overall excellence and high living standards.

If you love relaxing moments of reflection, you will appreciate the serene beauty of the surroundings and the tranquility permeating the neighborhood. With its lush green spaces, wooded lots, and well-maintained landscaping, Redfield provides an ideal setting for outdoor activities, leisurely walks, and opportunities for quiet contemplation.

Why Choose a Swim & Tennis Community in Dunwoody, GA

Living in a swim and tennis community in Dunwoody, GA, offers many benefits and opportunities that enhance residents’ overall quality of life. Here are several compelling reasons why choosing the homes for sale in Redfield is an excellent choice:

  1. Active Lifestyle: Swim and tennis communities encourage a healthy lifestyle. With access to well-maintained swimming pools and tennis courts, residents can exercise regularly, improve their fitness levels, and enjoy recreational activities in their neighborhood.
  2. Social Engagement: These neighborhoods often foster a strong sense of camaraderie and community spirit. Residents come together for organized events, tournaments, and social gatherings centered around sports. These interactions promote friendships, build bonds, and create a supportive network of neighbors.
  3. Family-Friendly Environment: The houses for sale in Redfield, Dunwoody, GA, are ideal for families with children. The amenities offer recreation and skill development opportunities, and the sense of community provides a nurturing environment for kids to grow and thrive.
  4. Recreational Opportunities: Many exclusive enclaves offer additional recreational amenities such as playgrounds, parks, and walking trails. Enjoy plenty of outdoor activities within the neighborhood limits.
  5. Property Value: The amenities not only add to the neighborhood’s overall appeal but also make it more attractive to potential buyers. As a result, homes for sale within Redfield, Dunwoody, GA, often maintain their value well over time.
  6. Convenient Access: Many are located near major highways, shopping centers, restaurants, and schools. This convenient access to amenities and services makes daily life more manageable and enjoyable for residents.

In summary, the homes for sale in Redfield, Dunwoody, offer a sophisticated living experience and the joys of well-maintained amenities. With its beautiful residences, serene environment, and vibrant community life, it certainly is a premier choice for a tranquil yet engaging lifestyle.

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