Homes for Sale Lake Bonavista Calgary

Available Homes For Sale Lake Bonavista Calgary

Nestled in Calgary, Alberta, several homes for sale Lake Bonavista Calgary offers potential homebuyers diverse options catering to various tastes and budgets. Homes in Lake Bonavista are older, but they have been well taken care of for the most part. The small community of Bonavista is located in Calgary’s northeast corner, where Fish Creek Park borders the community to the south. The Keith Construction Company constructed the neighborhood in 1967. This lakeside neighborhood includes numerous water features ideal for relaxing with the family or going fishing, and residents can participate in various non-motorized water activities, especially in the summer. Prices here are one of those things that never go down, and Lake Bonavista is undoubtedly a neighborhood that ranges from average to upscale. The majority of houses for sale in Lake Bonavista may be considered luxurious and expensive. Despite living in a more expensive area, most local eateries and cafes have reasonable prices, so you can still have a cup of coffee for a few bucks.

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Lake Bonavista Real Estate Market Information

Lake Bonavista has a lot of beautiful homes that are perfect for anyone homes for sale in lake Bonavista Calgary. Homes for sale in Lake Bonavista Calgary have a price ranging from $400,000 up to $4 million with floor space of 1,100 square feet to 3500 square feet and are primarily single-family homes. Lakefront homes cost higher compared to other properties. There is also an estates area in Lake Bonavista where houses and lots are typically bigger than elsewhere. In the Estates area, two stories will be the norm for floor plans, with fewer bungalows and split-level homes. Many diverse floor designs, including two stories, bungalows, bi-levels, and split-level houses, are available in Lake Bonavista’s remaining neighborhoods. Houses in Lake Bonavista are built with modern architecture, typically consisting of one to five bedrooms and bathrooms. Aside from single-family residences, condominiums and apartments are available for purchase or rental that cost between $150,000 to $600,000 in price and have square footages of 550 square feet.

Lifestyle: Homes for Sale Lake Bonavista Calgary

In Lake Bonavista, there is something for everyone, and you can see many families, young professionals just starting, and single people and seniors. There are several schools, playgrounds, and recreational opportunities in this bustling neighborhood for kids. Lake Bonavista is near Fish Creek Provincial Park, which goes through the city, and residents can access and enjoy many trails, wildlife, and lovely parks. Due to the abundance of parks and beautiful green spaces for strolls, Pets are incredibly prevalent in this neighborhood. Homebuyers who choose to buy homes for sale in Lake Bonavista Calgary will appreciate its beautiful homes and proximity to conveniences and establishments. This suburb is close to Macleod Trail, which has many shopping areas and dining options. It also has easy access to Bow Bottom Trail, which leads to Deerfoot Trail, a major route in the city. In 1968, Lake Bonavista, a 52-acre artificial lake, made the neighborhood more appealing. The lake and park in the community are taken care of by the Lake Bonavista Homeowners Association, which all homeowners in the area have to join.

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