Lomita Hills

Lomita Hills Withstanding the Test of Time

The California community of Lomita Hills has existed for a long time since the conclusion of World War II. The village was primarily built in the early 1940s and became home to seasoned veterans and military families. With the increased population resulting from the inflow of retired soldiers and their households, the city became a residential and commercial area.

Many of the Lomita CA homes for sale were preserved and were able to maintain their historic beauty. The architectural creations carry large, attractive open porches, providing a warm and inviting feeling. Building materials are mostly brick, wood, and stone. Immerse yourself in its rich past and allow the intricate vintage details to tell you the story. Homes in Lomita Hills have large footprints ranging from 1,500 sqft up to almost 3,700 sqft. You can find one- and two-story spacious structures featuring three to six bedrooms and two to four-bath arrangements. For those who like a more modern take, don’t fret, as the area also offers remodeled houses to freshen up the style.

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Lomita Hills Offering Convenient Travel Access

Comfortably stay at any of your Traditional, Contemporary, Cape Code, or Ranch-styled homes for sale in Millbrae CA, without the fear of a lengthy commute or time-consuming drive to the airport when traveling. Every minute counts when you’re up for that long-waited vacation trip. Depending on traffic conditions, this neighborhood is approximately 5 minutes away from San Francisco International Airport via Huntington Avenue. That’s as quick as getting your burger, fries, and drink at your favorite fast-food chain. Alternatively, one may drive along El Camino Real, a historic road traversing a vast part of the state and has been a famous traveler itinerary for California motorists. The convenient accessibility to the runway allows locals ease of travel in domestic and even international destinations. However, residents will have to deal with minimal airport noise—a fair trade-off for a valuable advantage.

Panoramic View of the Bay Area

The most popular parks in Lomita Hills Millbrae offer a calming retreat despite the growing urban development. Junipero Serra Park has six nature trails, each offering picturesque surroundings and perfect for hiking or overnight camping. The Bay View, a Picnic shelter area, boasts scenic views of the San Bruno Mountain, the East Bay, and happenings at San Francisco International Airport. Soak in all that mother nature offers and create beautiful memories with your family, friends, and even your clingy dogs. Yes, that’s correct! They permit leashed dogs in designated areas in the park. Now, for a place kids will appreciate more, head on to San Bruno City Park. Allow your children to be active and play on their open football field while you prepare mouth-watering grilled meats at the picnic area. Reservations are required for picnic shelters and should be made at least seven days in advance.

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