Medford MA Neighborhoods

What to Know About Medford MA Neighborhoods

Exploring one of the numerous affluent Medford MA neighborhoods could be the right idea for you if you are thinking of migrating to Massachusetts. This is especially true if you search for a convenient location near Downtown Boston. Middlesex County, Massachusetts, is home to the town of Medford, which is located approximately seven miles northwest of Boston’s central business district. Medford has a low crime rate and maintains a small-town atmosphere while providing a high quality of life. Tufts University, the Middlesex Fells Reservation, and the Medford Square shopping complex are three of the most well-known attractions in Medford, MA. Medford is often regarded as one of the most desirable and sought-after places to make a home in Massachusetts since living in the city provides many advantages. This includes proximity to downtown Boston, which can be reached in just a few minutes, and access to the public transit system run by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). The gorgeous landscapes of every Medford MA neighborhoods contributes to the city’s unique blend of an urban and suburban atmosphere.

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Top Attractions

The west side of Medford is typically considered the most desirable, while the southeast neighborhoods in Medford MA, are known for their more reasonably priced housing options. Medford has a wide selection of dining facilities, quaint cafes, family-friendly parks, and bustling nightlife venues. Thus residents from all across the city may find something fun to do during their free time. This vibrant municipality is rich in history and boasts a diverse and dynamic population. Vast open space and thriving business districts can be found across Medford. Medford is a city of many treasures. Some of the famous attractions in Medford include the following:

  • The Medford Historical Society
  • Old Ship Street Historic District
  • Hillside Avenue Historic District
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • Park Street Railroad Station
  • The Peter Tufts House
  • Chevalier Theatre
  • The Slave Wall
  • Bigelow Block
  • The Amelia Earhart Residence
  • Grandfather’s House
  • Issac Royall House
  • Salem Street Burying Ground

Best Places to Live in Medford MA

With many lovely and picturesque neighborhoods in Medford MA to choose from, interested homebuyers are offered a comprehensive selection of communities to reside in. Utilizing a Medford MA neighborhoods map is a great idea, particularly if you intend to investigate many communities throughout the city. Doing so will help determine which community will provide you and your family with the highest quality of life. Several Medford MA neighborhoods cater to other homebuyers with varying demands. The following is a list of the finest areas to live in Medford, depending on your requirements and personal preferences. Young couples, families, and retirees looking for their forever homes will find a suitable place to settle down in Medford, MA.

The Best Neighborhoods for Families

  • South Medford
  • Medford Center
  • North Medford

The Best Neighborhoods for Millennials/Young Professionals

  • West Medford
  • North Medford
  • Medford Center
  • Wellington

The Best Neighborhoods for Retirement

  • Wellington
  • West Medford
  • Medford Center


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