Muir Heights Pasadena

Your Real Estate Guide to Muir Heights Pasadena

Muir Heights Pasadena is a neighborhood in the northern portion of Pasadena, CA, situated northeast of the Brookside Golf Course. The community is split between Foothill highway and is comprised primarily of suburban residential areas lined with varying property types. Should you want to learn more about Muir Heights, local realtor Kevin Kwan has produced a detailed neighborhood page on his website. He offers a comprehensive report on schools, things to do, and homes for sale in Muir Heights, Pasadena, CA. Feel free to click the link to check out his website or reach out to him directly for specific questions about the community.

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Living in the Community

Muir Heights is home to around six thousand residents, about 42% of which are renters. The median home value in the neighborhood teeters around the high $700,000 range and a relatively affordable median rent of $1,750. The reasonably affordable price point of the suburb has attracted working-class families looking for a good home deal in Pasadena.



Transportation is relatively convenient in the neighborhood. There are 17 bus stops spread throughout the suburb provided by Metro Los Angeles. If you’re driving, nearby highways include the I-210 and the Foothill Freeway.


Muir Heights Pasadena is primarily residential, with few commercial establishments along its streets. There is a spattering of fast food restaurants and stores in the suburb, but on average, you’ll usually commute to larger shopping districts. A few small parks within the suburb offer lovely kid-friendly outdoor spaces perfect for a day outside whenever the sun is out. If you enjoy sports and staying active, you can enjoy a round at the Brookside Golf Club or visit the Flint Canyon Tennis Club.


If you’re planning to move into the neighborhood with your family, you’ll be glad to know a great selection of schools available to residents in the area. These include Jackson Elementary School, Washington Middle School, and John Muir High School. These schools are part of the Pasadena Unified School District.

Homes for Sale in Muir Heights

Muir Heights Pasadena is an excellent real estate market offering a wide selection of property options for home buyers and investors alike. The steady demand for housing in the region and an ideal price point in the suburb has created a healthy home-buying and selling experience for parties planning to do business in the area. Whether you’re in the market for a move-in ready home, a rental multi-family residence, or new construction, including Muir Heights Discovery Homes, you can find a good deal in the community.

Most homes in Muir Heights are single-family homes priced between $700,000 to $1.9 Million. These residences feature varying architectural styles, including Craftsman, Bungalows, Ranches, and newer Custom builds. These houses usually offer varying floor space, with models having around three to five-bedroom configurations and 800 sq ft to 3,200 sqft of floor area.

Get started with your home-buying journey by visiting this Muir Heights Pasadena featured neighborhood page from the Kevin Kwan Real Estate Group.