North Village in Celebration, Florida

The Charming Neighborhood of North Village in Celebration, Florida

If you and your family are looking for the ideal location to call home, North Village in Celebration, Florida, this is the right place! One of the most attractive communities in Celebration, Florida, is the North Village, and it’s worth checking out. Why? The neighborhood is known for having a relatively calm atmosphere and friendly environment. It is perfect for homeowners with growing families, planning to start a family, or retiring to spend their golden years in an idyllic and tranquil setting. The lovely residences in North Village are a large part of what sets the neighborhood apart from other communities because these homes offer the utmost comfort to their owners by providing them access to master suites, exclusive golf courses and pools, and impressive gardens for outdoor entertainment. Homes in North Village Celebration, Florida, are currently on the market and appropriate for residents of any age. Homebuyers have access to a large selection of properties to select one that satisfies their aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.


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Why Live in North Village, Celebration, FL?

It is common knowledge that North Village is among the most desired neighborhoods to settle down permanently, bring up a family, or even retire after a long and fruitful career. This area is ideal for families with children of varying ages because of the area’s family and child-friendly spaces and the community’s openness to newcomers.

Biking or having a stroll around the many neighborhoods in the community are two of the most typical things residents of North Village do. When they leave their houses, they are greeted by clean streets and a peaceful ambiance.

According to the real estate market data in North Village, 66.4% of the residents own their homes. The upside of owning a property in the neighborhood is that they can spend the day unwinding in the comfort of their residences, free from the strain that comes from the hustle and bustle of the major metropolitan areas. Homebuyers looking for a new residence in a small community where locals are likely to know and communicate with one another may find the North Village neighborhood an excellent choice.


Real Estate Facts About the Homes For Sale in North Village

  • Homes in North Village, located in Celebration, Florida, can be purchased on the open market for anywhere from $175,000 to as much as $2.50M. The price of a property in the area depends on its unique specifications like size, architectural style, and location.
  • The median price per square foot is $307.
  • The median asking price of North Village homes is $557,500.
  • Most of the stunning homes for sale in the area’s real estate market have floor plans ranging from five to seven bedrooms, including four to eight bathrooms.
  • Usually, these dwellings’ total living area ranges from 3,000 to 8,100 square feet.
  • Regarding the sizes of the lots, the North Village is known to feature homes with lot sizes starting at 0.23 acres and going as high as 0.54 acres in some instances.
  • North Village Celebration, Florida, is home to some truly magnificent examples of French, Colonial, Spanish, and Mediterranean architecture, and these styles account for most of the residences built there.


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