Potter Highlands Historic District

Potter Highlands Historic District Real Estate

Potter Highlands historic district is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver, situating the upper-western part of downtown Denver. It is part of The Highlands, one of Colorado’s largest residential ancient districts, along with Highland Park and West Highland. The Highlands split off from Denver in 1870 and has had official independence since 1885. The highlanders boast their strong values, fresh water and air, and location, giving an excellent view of the city of Denver. Each neighborhood has a distinct background and personality and qualifies as historic in its rights. Potter Highlands historic district residents are proud of their immaculate community. Most locals work in the city of Denver during the day, and they come back to a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere in the Highlands at night. They are proud of their environment, nurtured with beautiful gardens, large trees, fresh air, clean water, and pure morals. The neighborhood now has a nurtured environment thanks to early Highlands residents interested in more civilized activities, such as planting trees and gardens.

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Real Estate Information: Potter Highlands Historic District

If you search for “historic homes for sale Denver, CO,” you will most likely encounter home listings from Potter Highlands. The typical home construction in Potter Highlands Denver, features modest single-story plans and traditional architectural styles. Most homes are structured with Victorian, Tudor-style artisans and country-style architecture. Houses have simple interior designs and conventional architectural types. Large black-framed windows, wide plank hardwood floors, excellent woodwork, and a warm living room, dining, and kitchen are some features available homes offer. These houses typically offer around 1,000 to 3,000 square feet of living area and two to three-bedroom floor plans. Home prices for this home setting range between $500,000 to $1,000,000. In addition to these single-story houses, you can also discover smaller row houses in the area with one or two bedrooms priced under $500,000, which are ideal for those searching for a first home. Finally, there are some custom-built homes; however, few of them, as most of the residences in the region are considered historic.

Potter Highlands neighborhood

You might mistakenly believe that you have stumbled into turn-of-the-century Denver if it weren’t for some rare modern mansions in some areas and the vehicles parked in alley drives. It’s a great area to find old-world charm blended with contemporary comforts because of its proximity to downtown Denver and the thriving LoHi neighborhood, home to a wide variety of trendy restaurants, pubs, and stores. Square blocks were used to build Potter Highlands Denver. Due to this configuration, homes could face any of the nearby streets and had a carriage lot in the middle of the block. Many apartment buildings still have shared garages, while others have integrated the central lot into the neighboring buildings. Thirty-six of the blocks in Potter Highlands still have a unique core lot, about thirteen of them.

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