Potter Highlands Homes for Sale

Potter Highlands Homes for Sale: Well-Known Suburban Community

The Highlands of Denver is located on a hill overlooking the city, northwest of the Platte River. The Potter Highlands Homes for Sale was once a city unto itself and now consists of numerous districts. Northwest Denver, Colorado’s Potter Highlands Homes for Sale, is a well-known suburban community. The Highlands neighborhood’s Potter Highlands sector includes a location famous for its maintained historic residences. Residents have easy access to Downtown Denver, like most other communities in this portion of the city, but are still a decent distance away. In contrast, internal parts of the district still maintain a distinctively suburban living environment. Most people know Potter Highlands for its quaint Tudor-style houses. These homes have retro interior designs and conventional architectural types. The Highlands area comprises several distinct neighborhoods, each with its history and personality. Highland Park and West Highlands are available in addition to Potter Highlands.

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Potter Highlands Nearby

The Potter Highlands Historic District amenities influence whether it’s a suitable location. A high walk score indicates that many establishments are close by, including shops, eateries, coffee shops, schools, and more. The results show “things to do” in and around those locations, even though they are by no means flawless. Being close to food stores, restaurants, and parks can significantly affect your daily life. Residents of Denver’s Potter Highlands can choose from a wide variety of dining establishments. Grab a coffee from Starbucks, Novo Coffee, or Cafe Zuri in the morning, then head to The Universal, Illegal Pete’s, or Duo Restaurant for a leisurely weekend brunch. In Potter Highlands, Denver, dessert businesses like Menchies, Wooden Spoon, and Panaderia Rosales are fantastic choices for satisfying your sweet taste.

Best Schools in Potter Highlands

Given the constant demand for communities with top-rated public schools, those areas tend to have higher housing values. Check out the local schools and their rankings if you have children or intend to have them in the future. There are eight public elementary schools in the district with B+ or above ratings, including Denver Language School (#199 in the state), Creativity Challenge Community (#240 in the state), and Highline Academy – Southeast (#297 in the state). DSST: The district’s six public middle schools with B+ or above ratings include Byers Middle School (ranked 35 in the metro), Denver Language School (ranked 96 in the state), and Highline Academy – Southeast (ranked 137 in the state). Ten C and higher-ranked public high schools are located within the district, including Denver Online High School (#133 in the state) and Denver School of Innovation & Sustainable Design (#87 in the state).

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