Sherwood Forest Homes for Sale

Discover the Sherwood Forest Homes For Sale Found in One of San Francisco’s Smallest Neighborhood

Sherwood Forest homes for sale are set on a charming residential haven that sits west of Twin Peaks on the rolling slopes of Mount Davidson. The small community of Sherwood Forest was developed way back in 1940, boasting its extensive stretch of stunning ocean and Bay vistas and remarkable mid-century residences. Living in the shadow of the scenic Mount Davidson, homes for sale in Sherwood Forest offer a peaceful and laid-back lifestyle quietly hidden away in this area, which you have probably never heard of before. Sherwood Forest is known for its mid-century homes that were described as “Streamline Moderne” at the time they were built. It is a purely residential neighborhood built in Adolph Sutro’s eucalyptus forest on the southwest slope of Mount Davidson, adorned with an abundance of trees and green spaces. Sherwood Forest has held out for almost a century despite being a small and somewhat unnoticed community compared to the neighboring Monterey Heights neighborhood. This is partly because of the architecturally significant properties, and the original, exquisite globe street lights give the area a particular character.

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Uniqueness: Sherwood Forest Homes for Sale

Sherwood Forest San Francisco has often deemed the smallest neighborhood in San Francisco, with only a few streets and roughly 200 houses. The community is arguably best known merely because nearly no one is familiar with its existence. Although it is the smallest neighborhood in the city, it features some of the biggest residential lots in San Francisco. Sherwood Forest was once referred to as “Pill Hill” due to the large number of medical professionals who made their homes in the area. However, the unusual name also contributes significantly to the neighborhood’s allure. Aside from that, it is also known for its elegant homes for sale in Sherwood Forest, designed with facades that are typically modest and often two levels tall. Homes are also usually equipped with a garage to accommodate at least one vehicle. Although there are several Tudor-style homes from the 1930s in the neighborhood, most Sherwood Forest homes for sale were constructed between the 1940s and the 1960s.

Is Sherwood Forest a Forgotten Neighborhood?

Suburbs in San Francisco can become forgotten for various reasons, including but not limited to changing demographics, the passage of time, or a lack of unique features to begin with. Some communities, though, were always outliers, and it’s unclear how and why they’ve survived to this day. The modest San Francisco neighborhood of Sherwood Forest is a perfect example. Even though it is not as well known as the surrounding communities, Sherwood Forest San Francisco is still strong today. Several new home listings are now available in the vicinity. Although it was initially described as a region richly wooded with pine and cypress, the Sherwood forest we know today does not have any forest within its boundaries.

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