Sunnyvale Cost of Living

Overview of Sunnyvale, CA Cost of Living

Sunnyvale is an affluent city in the heart of the Silicon Valley tech area, between Santa Clara and Mountain View, and just northwest, around 12 miles of San Jose and 48 miles southeast of San Francisco’s downtown area. Sunnyvale is a laid-back community with a dynamic economy, stunning surroundings, a pleasant climate, and excellent amenities, like parks, outdoor activities and facilities, school, and transportation. However, along with its many advantages, Sunnyvale cost of living is relatively high. The cost of living refers to the money needed to maintain a particular standard of living in Sunnyvale. In the case of Sunnyvale, this standard of living tends to be expensive, from housing to groceries and transportation to healthcare. Despite the high Sunnyvale cost of living, it continues to attract residents and professionals with everything it offers. However, it is essential to understand the financial implications of living in Sunnyvale and plan accordingly to ensure a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in this dynamic city, especially for those planning to move to the beautiful city of Sunnyvale.


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Sunnyvale Overall Cost

Sunnyvale, CA, along with other cities in Silicon Valley, is one of the country’s most expensive places to live, with housing being a major factor in someone’s monthly expenses when living here. That being said, like any other city, it is essential for individuals considering Sunnyvale as their home to carefully assess their financial situation, plan their budget accordingly, and explore cost-saving measures to ensure a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in this dynamic city. According to rentCafe, Sunnyvale is the most expensive city in California, and according to, with an index where the national average is 100, the average cost of living in Sunnyvale is 280.5. This is 180% higher than the national average and 130% higher than the California state average of 149.9. A cost of living index is a broad measurement of the cost of different expenses the person expects when living in a particular location. Some categories covering these living costs, particularly Sunnyvale cost of living, include housing, health care costs, transportation, groceries, and more. The average cost of living in Sunnyvale is $3331, and the median after-tax salary is $7133, enough to cover living expenses for 2.1 months.


Breaking Down Cost of Living

When considering the expenses associated with residing in this city, it is crucial to consider various factors contributing to the overall Sunnyvale cost of living. The city’s cost of housing index is 649.5, where the median home price is $1.8 million as of June 2023, compared to California, which has a $737K median home price. Regarding utility expenses, the monthly average for energy bills is $184, the water bill is $300, the phone bill is $200, and the internet is $50. Foods and groceries in Sunnyvale have an index of 118.4, but the amount of money you will need to spend for food or groceries depends on the size of your family or whether you cook at home or like to dine out. Sunnyvale has several options for transportation. For public transportation, such as the VTA bus system, a monthly pass typically costs $90, while Caltrain will cost between $76 to $346 for a monthly pass. If you have a car, the average price for gas in Sunnyvale is about $5.38 per gallon. For healthcare, according to, Sunnyvale is 7% higher than the national average, with an index of 107.7.


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